Oh, self discovery; what joy it is. (vcrbeauty) wrote in celebrity_war,
Oh, self discovery; what joy it is.

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She's irresistable?

The only thing more terrifying than JESSICA SIMPSON
is JESSICA SIMPSON's portrait on a birthday cake.

Thoughts? GO!!!!!
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aw . rofl . i like her ! she's kinda dingy though . i didn't think she'd be like that but heck . :|
Do you ever watch Newlyweds on MTV?

The best thing I ever saw was her all befuddled by "Chicken of the Sea" tuna. She was like, "Wait, hold up... if this is tuna, why is it called 'Chicken'? Is it actually chicken? I'm so confused. I'm just gonna buy Starkist from now on."
i've seen a few episodes . that's where i gathered she wasn't too smart .

i didn't see that episode but i read that quote in people today ! haha .
if I was Jessica Simpson and paid to have my likeness airbrushed onto a cake like so much county fair t-shirt art, and thats what I ended up with Id be so pissed that Id end up beating someone to death with my 7,000 dollar louis vuitton bag... seriously, is she under the impression that she looks like an ugly ugly man in a barbie wig, cause thats whats goingon on that cake... shes not drop dead gorg or anything but jesus that cake must have the ugly stick baked in
A hearty LOL for that comment. :)

Remind me to start baking with Ugly Sticks.
Im joining this damned community... its great... and Ive got lots of spite to give when it comes to the famous
hey.. dude.. she was on a cake.. how do you thonk you would look like on a cake. i mean sersiouly. its gotat be hard to put a pic like that ona cake.. jessica is beautiful beatuifl in person. and jsut so you konw. mtv editors make her sound stupieder then she really is. my mom is one of the editors for newlyweds :-D



May 29 2005, 01:38:28 UTC 12 years ago

lol you are MEAN. Jessica Simpson has a cute face what are YOU TALKING ABOUT! you people are such.. haters and your so bitter.. SMILLLEEEE BE HAPPPYYYYY