Anatomy of a Star (galaxy_cafe) wrote in celebrity_war,
Anatomy of a Star

Janet's boobies

Im so sick and tired of the damn media's obsession with Janet Jackson bearing her boob. I wouldve forgot about it already if they wouldnt keep playing and replaying it. I dont think it's a big deal. Kids see worse than that on the daily basis, and talk about worse things in school. It may have been in bad taste to do it there....but it's not that serious for it to take precidence over serious gov't matters. (Such as faslified Intelligence Documents)She's getting so much punishment for something all females have. We were made naked....why freak out about it? And what makes me even sicker is Justin Timberlake acting like he had nothing to do with the whole situation. Carrying on like he wasn't the one who pulled her bra off. He says it wasnt his fault becuz they didnt rehearse it, she just told him what to do. Common sense should tell him to run through it before he actually DOES something like that. His just as responsible as Janet....even still the powers that be should let it go already. Geez.
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